SureClinical eTMF Collaborative Cloud

Accelerate clinical trial operations with SureClinical Cloud

Collaborative Cloud

With SureClinical eTMF Cloud, Sponsors, CRO’s and Investigators can get work done faster. Put the power of a cloud community to work for your clinical trial and accelerate study startup and completion.

Integrated Services Platform

SureClinical eTMF Cloud is purpose-built for clinical trials, and is the only cloud eTMF software application with integrated digital signature capability, eliminating the need to print, sign, scan and upload study documents.   Our patented eTMF cloud signing solution offers Adobe AATL PDF signing support with high trust Adobe Digital ID’s.  Integrated eTMF cloud services include high-trust digital signing, clinical workflows, medical image support, archiving and integration with CTMS systems or other on premise systems.

Compliance and Standards

With validated FDA Part 11 and HIPAA support, SureClinical eTMF Cloud provides compliance-ready solutions, and is the first eTMF vendor to offer support for the OASIS eTMF Standard draft specification with a flexible, editable eTMF content model editor.  SureClinical is a founding sponsor of the OASIS eTMF standard for clinical trial data interoperability.

SureClinical’s mission is to help our customers efficiently deliver new therapies to patients through innovative collaborative clinical cloud applications.    We deliver on this mission through our relentless pursuit of product excellence and a focus on 100% customer satisfaction.

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SureTrial is redefining the way clinical trials are managed. A few quotes and comments:

Our ability to digitally share medical images and regulatory documents in the Cloud proved instrumental in receiving our FDA 510(k) clearance without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on paper processes or costly on-premise software.

Brian Martin, Director of Regulatory, Oculus Innovative Sciences

SureClinical eTMF Collaborative Cloud for Clinical Trials

Learn more about how SureClinical can accelerate your clinical trials.  SureClinical offers the only cloud based solution that integrates Adobe PDF digital signing services for clinical study team members, investigators, CRA’s and managers from mobile or web.   SureClinical eTMF provides your clinical team with instant access to clinical study documents and medical images in the cloud, without the cost of on-premises software, IT, maintenance or configuration. Shred the paper mountain – get control of your clinical trial operations with SureClinical today.